Rowland High School Key Club
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And remember Elephant Pride. <3

Pre-Fall Rally/ October DCM

As October is coming to a close Key Clubbers are working hard to get ready for the upcoming Fall Rally South. Members across D35E came to Walnut to learn the cheers and promote spirit gear to win the glorious Spirit Stick. During our DCM, the Lieutenant Governor Andy Wong awarded our Member Of the Month [TBA] and The Club of the Month Bonita High School. After the division collected pop tabs from Bonita and Diamond Bar both with very large amounts. As soon as the DCM ended the division started bonding activities separating them to groups members had to work with new people to come up with song lyrics with a specific word, get untangled, and just goof around with. This year seems like a good year for Division 35 East and they are confident to win that spirit stick.

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